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Who are you?

Good question. We’ve been doing golf since 1987 and we saw an opportunity to get something going live on the web. So here we are. We’re bringing that small business feel to the big business world. Give us a call or mail and we’ll provide you with any information on custom golf balls and anything else golf!

Why should I buy from Plaid Slackers?

We handle every order by hand. This means we don’t have 1,000 employees here to get your order lost or messed up. Our tight knit and efficient crew makes sure everything is in order and responds quickly when there is a question or problem. You’re not getting transferred out of the country when you call us. Nor are you going to get a recorded line. You call, we pick up (as long as you call during business hours duh).

Set up fees?

Nope. Period.

Fees for setting up my image?

See above question. We don’t do that here. Not once, not ever.

How much shipping on custom golf balls?

Z E R O ! We don’t charge for shipping on custom golf balls.

Do you sell anything else?

Yes we do. Just give us a call or email, we’ll be happy to quote you on anything. We’ll probably beat anyone else’s prices as well. I’d venture to say we have you covered when it comes to golf anything. Well, except that short game of yours.

Lead times on ___________?

Everything takes time when it comes to customization. May it be golf balls, custom clubs, bags, etc. All custom items take time. This depends on brand, product and our ability to get your item set how you want it. Typically this is 1-2 weeks for custom logo/text items. 3-5 days for custom clubs. These times are an industry standard.

International orders?

Sorry, not at this time.

What brands do you carry?

We carry all brands. We carry all products too. Email or Call. It’s really that simple.

Do you do next day on non-custom items?

If you want to pay the shipping fees and order at a reasonable time of course we do. Email us 3AM because you forgot your father in-law’s birthday and we may not be able to help get your items to you for that morning’s 8AM tee-off .

Why the minimum 12 dozen on logo balls?!

This is something we can’t avoid. Custom logo balls need to have plates made. These plates can however be used to print at a later date when you reorder. Also, the logo balls use a different process then custom text. This is a long process and printers need a larger quantity to justify that.